From the bottom of my Seoul

May 9, 2012



  Just a quick update, no orange bangle tonight…………. Tonight my colleague and i descended into the metro with Koreatown as our final destination. We emerged from below and as we ascended it felt like we missed a stop and arrived in Korean heaven. Bimbimbap – the way to my heart is through my sizzling hot […]

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The orange bangle and the orphanage

May 8, 2012



I originally began this post a couple of weeks ago on a quiet evening at home when my internet had gone down. What I thought would be a brief drop off line turned into a week without connection, causing me immense irritation and also inspiring grave concern about my intense internet addiction. Surely there’s a […]

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The Guangzhou Grind

April 10, 2012



My alarm goes off at 7:45, and I roll out of bed and switch on the hot water heater.  Electricity is relatively expensive in China, a fact which forces every Joe Bloe and Wang Fang to be a greenie. It’s great.  At my old office in Nanning not only did people not leave their monitors […]

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Small reflections on a HUGE city

March 10, 2012


The Opera House

Fifteen days. Two weeks exactly since touchdown. This time last week I was desperately trying to recall why on earth I had decided to pack my life into an oversized suitcase and lug it halfway across the world for the second time in two years. It was cold, the deluxe private in the “Charming Old […]

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Make Cake

January 7, 2012


the rainbow at the end of the rainbow

Who said the Chinese don’t do cake? In my experiences, Chinese people LOVE cake. Anyone has been to China, or indeed even Chinatown, will know that sponge cake is well absorbed into Chinese cuisine, and they do it very well. What is missing, however, is the kind of rich, buttery, artery clogging cakes that really […]

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DAY THIRTY – I do love China

December 28, 2011


beside me on the pavement as i hailed a cab to the airport, downtown beijing, 11am

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Day Twenty Nine – Christmas Day in Beijing

December 27, 2011


it means merry christmas

Sam and I stayed up till 3:30 in the morning cooking. After a baileys nightcap and 4 hours sleep we were up again preparing for the guests who were arriving at midday. But not before some early morning gift giving: And then before we knew it, it was almost midday and time to start the champagne! And […]

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