A New Look and Another Attempt to Explain Why I Love China

Posted on July 26, 2012


Recently I’ve decided that pink is no longer the new black. Oliveinbigchina has had a makeover. It’s been a while coming, but recently I’ve been incited to act because I’ve been inspecting the blogs of my soon to be cohort in the Masters of Journalism at Hong Kong University.

Mine is sorely lacking. It’s time to step up.

With this renovation I hope to achieve two objectives. The first; that Oliveinbigchina will be more titillating, more enticing to the reader. The second is a reinvigoration that will mean more posts, more regularly.

In the past few months I have been delighted by several visitors (you know who you are). Not only have I enjoyed being able to spend quality time with every each of them (my poor attendance on home soil of late has resulted in creeping estrangement from many people I care about), but also I have loved giving them an insight into the China which has taken part of my passion hostage since I started studying Chinese, and taken my body captive since April 2011.

As a side note, I have also enjoyed the rooftop drinks, yum cha joy, boat trip adventures, delight in dumplings, showers of gifts from home, tireless tea tastings  and mind-blowing butterflies, to name just a few of the good times you-know-who-you-are have brought!

I think (I hope) these visitors have had a good time. I also think they have understood at least a little about why I am so fascinated, so enamoured with this place.

So for those who have not been, here’s my most recent attempt to explain.

For me, I love being in China here because it offers such a diverse and captivating cultural and political landscape. There are so many poignant, striking contradictions in every nook of normal life, in each cranny and street corner.

In going about my daily life, feel like I am navigating a harsh terrain of contradiction.  Opportunity for some, inequity for most.  Impetuous entitlement, extreme indignity. Astounding prosperity on the same street as brutal poverty.  Tradition that dates back centuries, technology that postdates the news. Major displacement against a backdrop of Ancient history. Breathtaking beauty, gut-wrenching gruesomeness.

It is awe-inspiring.

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