From the bottom of my Seoul

Posted on May 9, 2012



Just a quick update, no orange bangle tonight………….

this has to be the best thing about korean restaurants

Kim Chee and her complimentary accompaniments

Tonight my colleague and i descended into the metro with Koreatown as our final destination. We emerged from below and as we ascended it felt like we missed a stop and arrived in Korean heaven.


bombastic bimbimbap

Bimbimbap – the way to my heart is through my sizzling hot stone bowl…..

it's all in the mixing

Daisy dives into her iced noodle soup

And when it’s 30 degrees still at 8pm and you’re not as committed to Mr Bap as I am, iced noodle soup is not half bad either.

So there it is, another manifestation of cosmopolitan Guangzhou…even if we did have to share a table with some Korean businessmen (i tell no lies!).


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