Day Twenty Eight – Christmas Eve, The Preparations Begin in Beijing

Posted on December 26, 2011


With my only other foreigner friend in Nanning away, the prospect of Christmasless Christmas in Nanning was just too depressing to contemplate. Instead, I had a very merry Christmas with an exceptional bunch of other orphans in Beijing. Sam, Ning and myself took over our friend’s apartment to cook a vegetarian Christmas feast for 15.

The first photo (I’ve decided today and tomorrow merit more pictures, it being Christmas and all) is the sunrise from my friend’s apartment. As Halinka slept soundly I woke up in her bed to this amazing view out her window. Isn’t she lucky!


A little later, we headed out into the crisp morning as we  to do grocery shopping.

The cooking begins! This became a smoky baba ganoush.

This is Ning. She’s fantastic.


This later became sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce, brandy custard and fresh cream. (nomnomnom!)  The quality of these dates (brought all the way from Abu Dhabi by Sam) caused us some difficulty when playing the game ‘if you had to choose between dates or chocolate, which would you choose?’.  Although tempted, I finally decided on chocolate. Sam made the scandalous choice of dates.

I am too exhausted to post Christmas day’s photos just now. I know I am already running two days late and I apologise but I simply must sleep.