Day Twenty Five – Lunch!

Posted on December 20, 2011


Most days I eat lunch at the office, where Yan Jie cooks for all the staff and kids. She’s a good cook and a funny woman who is quite confused by the fact that westerners often eat raw vegetables. Simple stir-fried veggies and a meat/egg/tofu dish is standard fare. With rice, of course, always rice.

It’s very nice but the street also offers an exciting and delicious range of lunch, so once or twice a week I head out for lunch, which usually costs me 46-89 cents.

Today’s lunch is 肠粉 (chang fen) with a side of 炒生菜 (chao sheng cai). Chang fen is a rice noodle roll, stuffed with some julienned vegetables, dressed with soy, sesame oil and chilli (which I am yet to pour on in this picture).  Chao sheng cai is simply lettuce which has been stir fried very briefly. I do always insist to Yan Jie that vegetables can be very nice raw too, yet I do think lettuce is one vegetable which we do not cook enough in the west. It has a nice texture and slightly stronger flavour when cooked.

i think i’ll call him lunch

Below is a small thumbnail of the wider view from my table, just so you can get an idea. The price tally for today’s lunch totalled 69 cents: 31 cents for the rice noodles, 23 cents for the lettuce and 15 cents for the tea-egg (a hard boiled egg that’s been boiled in tea) that I couldn’t resist when I walked past the tea egg-wallah on my way back to the office. My apologies I did not snap a picture of this.

the view from lunch

also, for those who were wondering – dog lock was on the job as ever today: