Day Twenty Two – Hao Hao

Posted on December 16, 2011


This is little Hao Hao. He’s only small. I’ve been thinking he would potentially fit in my suitcase when I come home. He’s gorgeous. If it weren’t for all the loving, dedicated people that surround him, i’d say he’d have a much better life in Australia. In Australia he’d actually receive high-quality rehabilitation services and have a shot at an education, employment, a life. Sigh, sometimes my work here is really depressing. But then Hao Hao lurches into the office (he’s a little wobbly on his feet) and throws someone’s mug or mobile phone on to the floor, relishing the delightful sound it makes as it smashes into a million pieces, mesmerised by the fact that something that was once one thing can be transformed into lots of tiny things. I can’t help but giggle whereas everyone else gets a little annoyed. In this photo he’s lunging for my camera. I suppose should he have his way with that, i would not be so jolly, but until then….

Hao Hao