Day Eighteen – Magical Moreish Munchy

Posted on December 12, 2011


What is this man doing? He’s making magical moreish munchies, that’s what! As I walked home from work this evening I came across this set-up on a busy street corner. His machine was huffing and puffing, turning out the amazing length of stuff, which people were eagerly buying. I watched for a while and saw the manipulator of the stuff scooping a white powder into the top of the machine every once in a while. The magical munchy incessantly torpedoed out from the machine’s mouth, and the master of the munchy continuously and artfully rolled it into perfectly formed spirals. Noticing my loitering he managed, mid-coil, to crack off a 15cm ruler length which he poked at me to taste test. The flavour was something similar to a milk arrowroot, but much drier and crisper. Sometimes I think China should be renamed land of the tasty and interesting snack. I believe many will agree. I’m attaching more photos just so you will understand the impressiveness of the process. For the official record, however, today’s photo is the one above.