Day Sixteen – At the Fair

Posted on December 10, 2011


Setting one’s alarm at 8am on a Saturday is never fun, and should probably be illegal. Today I had to commit this crime to go to a couple of work events. The first was a sort of ‘charity expo’ or maybe a ‘public good fair’. I obviously have been functioning in a different language for too long, I’m sure there’s a proper word for this. I was surprised to learn that Nanning has a lesbian advocacy and support organisation (homosexuality is still very taboo in regional China). The picture is of three of my colleagues at our little stall. From left to right is Ling Jie (aka Zero Charming – but as you can see, she is anything but) Mo Jie (of frog’s fallopian fame) and Shao Bo.

Ling Jie (aka zero charming), Mo Jie and Shao Bo


I stopped in by Corrie’s house for lunch – and officially conferred the title of Soup Master upon her. In the afternoon the event was followed up by some networking drinks in a fancy hotel where we were served the most horrible sickly sweet Italian white and a delightfully revolting Lambrusco in beautiful wine glasses, so at least they were part of the way there.