Day Five – Ladders

Posted on November 29, 2011


Bamboo. God’s wood. It’s a seemingly well-know fact that its tensile strength is stronger than steel.

Needless to say, my walk to work is quite different here to the one I left in Sydney. After I pass the stretching aged men, I enter a neighbourhood full of small scale-manufacturing businesses. From curtain rods, to balcony cages to plastic pipes, the majority of them are family run. In fact they’re usually nothing more than a husband and wife pair and a small shop-front space (in which they live), often an infant child amuses herself amongst the soldering irons, metal scraps and industrial cutting equipment.

The manufacturer who features in today’s photo is one of the lucky few who makes something from a natural fibre and with a certain charm. This husband and wife team make very attractive ladders out of bamboo. In business hours they prop one up on display against a tree on the footpath. I have this pair to thank for helping me to overcome the walking under a ladder superstition.

The Ladder Maker

I have often considered purchasing one of their ladders. They are items of beauty.