Zero Charming

Posted on November 8, 2011


An average day at work for me here involves dealing with email after email that looks like this:

not what you want to see when you're a bit fragile

Sometimes when I’m feeling a bit tired or just a bit lazy, and I plug emails into google translate to get a general gist, to see if it’s worth my expending the effort to actually read it.

I have a lovely colleague called 零彩艳 (pronounced líng cǎi yàn).  Chinese names are meaningful, and often translate to beautiful things like ‘precious jasmine flower’ or ‘stoic cultured scholar’ etc. (which explains why Chinese people often choose outrageous English names). The individual characters of 零彩艳’s name translate as nought零 colour 彩 and splendid 艳. When I google translate her emails, the machine brain gives a rather unfortunate  translation of her name. At the bottom of the email, I cannot help but giggle every time as I see it signed off by “Zero Charming”.

Here is a photo of a recent camping trip with some friends – people with China experience with recognise the 方便面 (fangbian mian)! Turns out they’re just as good for camping as they are for long distance train journeys!

方便面 fang bian mian

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