Fallopian Tubes of Frog – Can someone please come to my rescue?

Posted on August 3, 2011


My workmate, Mo Jie (=Big Sister Mo) has just given me a sneak preview of a treat we’re going to have this afternoon. It appeared to be a benign gelatinous thing floating in water (they’re big on those here – it’s good for the heat).

Or danger?
Benign Gelatinous treat? Or danger?


After much gesturing and scouring of dictionaries, I have now learnt the Chinese word for Hasma. I have also learnt the English word. Hasma is the dried fallopian tubes of frogs.  Is it a coincidence its name bears such close similarity to Hazmat? Click here for wikipedia description.

Big Sister Mo is very excited. A friend has given her this highly expensive delicacy (she tells me it usually costs the equivalent of $300 per kilo) and she is overjoyed to share it with us. She will make it into a sweet soup with red dates this afternoon. It’s good for beauty and digestion, I am told.

HELP! It’s quite rude to refuse such an offer. How am I going to politely decline? Can someone please come to my rescue? Please?!

My apologies for a recent lack of postage – times have been very busy: househunting, parental visits, trips to Vietnam etc.etc. There is a proper post coming soon, but in the meantime, I offer some pictures of the view from my office window in a desperate attempt to keep you interested.

The foot/truck path


The road is very quiet because it’s lunchtime


Everyone has an electric bike
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