Posted on June 2, 2011


Here’s a very quick story with a happy ending. To mix things up I’m going to tell you the ending first. Why? Because I am that excited.


To be honest, the rest of the story isn’t really so interesting. The best bit is the cheese, the cheese, THE CHEESE!

And here’s an interesting fact. If you grind up the whole wheat berry (apparently that’s what wheat kernels are officially called) you get a rather grey flour. From my cursory research, it seems that wholemeal flour you’d recognise as such – the white powder  with brown flecks – is a relatively recent invention that involves separating bran, germ and endosperm before grinding each component and then re-incorporating the three elements.

Over a month in China, and three and a half weeks down south where white rice reigns supreme, leaves a girl craving something whole grain. Under the rule of King Rice, wheat is very much a second class citizen. After having tried for over a week to find wholemeal flour, I stumbled across a peddler with a big grinding machine and various grains, nuts and roots he grinds for you on the spot, resulting in a nutritious powder. To this powder he will add copious amounts of sugar, and you are directed to mix this concoction with warm water. Voila, a healthful sweet soup!

That’s if you play by the rules. I happened to notice one of his grains was wheat! So Mr. Powder Peddler ground some up for me, and thankfully obliged my request to buy the powder au natural – no sugar please. Bob’s your uncle (well he isn’t mine anyway) and I walk away with a grin from ear to ear and a little sack of wholemeal flour. Right? That’s a sincere question because the info about the grey flour business is quite vague and I’m not sure I understand it. Anyone with flour/ bread knowledge, your advice would be greatly appreciated.

I leave you with a picture of my loaf to ogle.

Grey Bread

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