A frustrated cry of despair-why are sentences in Chinese so ridiculously long?!

Posted on May 20, 2011


Have just spent about 20 minutes translating one sentence. ONE SENTENCE! The document is meeting minutes from last Friday’s all staff tri-monthly report-back.

Here’s the sentence:

At the moment, we need to adjust the responsibilities  of the teachers at the youth centre and we hope we will be able to find someone with specialised experience to come and take over language classes, Mrs. Chrysanthemum, who is now responsible for teaching maths, will swap to take over community living class, we will get Mrs. Forest to to come back to teach maths.

Seriously, that should be at least three sentecnes, but it’s not, it’s ONE. It’s not even poor grammar, that’s just how Chinese rolls.

I think my brain is dangerously close to meltdown. The weekend brings no solace, as this time will be spent trying to connect internet in my apartment, hassling the landlord to get the gas connected and trying to find a woman’s bike that’s not miniscule.

I realise this is not a proper post and plead dedicated readers who are eager for the next real one to please allow me brief reprieve while i try to sort my stuff out.  Here’s a little video to placate you. Some of you will know and love what this is all about. For others, i have two words for you….

Jian Bing. Google it and get ready to drool.


(sorry about annoying link, i wanted to upload it to the blog but my file format was undesirable, as i am now in the land of noyoutube, i had to do it on the chinesecarboncopy, so for those of you who don’t know it, welcome to youku!)

Also, i found fresh mint at the markets, and brown rice at Walmart! Things are looking up……

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