Olive on a big plane

Posted on April 30, 2011


Faced with a novel situation, I’ve made a decision. I’m not making any promises or long-term commitment, but for the moment, I am writing a blog to document my 2011 in China as an AYAD.

I have never travelled with a laptop before, I don’t love travelling alone with no one to gas-bag to, and I rarely fly fancy airlines like Singapore.  Here I sit; I’ve watched two movies, done the crossword, indulged in the liquor cabinet on wheels and watched Bear Grylls’ latest exploit Worst Case Scenarios and now I’m getting bored and fidgety. An assembly of circumstances spurs the birth of a blog. Beautiful.

First let me tell you about Bear Grylls, who I’ve finally come round to (I think I’m in love).  Worst Case Scenarios is gripping entertainment with a purpose. It’s nothing like his previous useless nonsense such as ‘how to survive when you happen to find yourself in the middle of Siberia scantily clad without your water bottle’. Worst Case Scenarios teaches you how to react in frightening, life threatening situations that happen in everyday life.  Thanks to Mr Newloveofmylive  Grylls, I now know how to flee a crazed, violent driver in an SUV with road rage (keeping both car and person intact) AND how to survive from a panicked crowd fleeing a nightclub that’s burning down. The second scenario perhaps even more valuable than the first, as following the dramatic re-enactment, Bear Grylls carefully explained the response can apply to any situation where a crowd stampedes. I reckon this show should feature in school curricula around the world.

I think I understand why people fly posh airlines like Singapore. I reckon my seat has at least an extra 10cm width to the last international flight I travelled on (I’m probably not meant to name names, I’m sure that’s blog etiquette, but  because I’m new to this I will tell you, it was Virgin). When we were all seated, lovely air hosts came around with warm towels. I immediately remembered this luxury from back in the days when I travelled with my parents. Little did I know then that there was a whole range of delights I was too young to enjoy. What a waste.  Mum and Dad, I hope you drank my share of the alcohol and watched all the new releases I was too young to care about. You probably didn’t because you were too busy trying to keep me, Ellie and Nerdi quiet. Sorry about that.

Two Camparis later and I’m pretty much on cloud nine. It’s even enough to make me forgive the sloppy excuse for pasta for lunch and the fact my request for vegetarian meals has somehow been turned in ‘vegan’ and left me begging the hunk of individually packaged cheddar and crackers from my neighbour. He kindly obliges, bless him.

I thought I was making good use of the free alcohol, but I was paling in comparison to the drunkard in front. It’s arrived at the point where the hostess is so assured of his state of oblivion, she’s started rolling her eyes and sighing in a very obvious way every time he lunges at her for more.

I’ve decided blogposts should be short and sweet so I’m going to end this one here. I think you can imagine the details of the delicious dinner that occupied my six hour layover in Singapore for yourself. I will just leave you with one little detail. It was my Ice Kachang. Ice Kachang might be many people’s idea of dessert in hell (key ingredients include corn, shaved ice, various gelatinous shapes and red beans), but I LOVE it. Thank you to Bev for the recommendation of a fantastic Hawker Market.

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