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Mainly About a Cat

July 29, 2012


For today’s post I take inspiration from a weekly column that features in the South China Morning Post, entitled “Six Degrees of Separation”. The author starts with person or place who has featured in the week’s news, and moves through six people/places that are somehow related (and often surprisingly so) to arrive back at his […]

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A New Look and Another Attempt to Explain Why I Love China

July 26, 2012


Recently I’ve decided that pink is no longer the new black. Oliveinbigchina has had a makeover. It’s been a while coming, but recently I’ve been incited to act because I’ve been inspecting the blogs of my soon to be cohort in the Masters of Journalism at Hong Kong University. Mine is sorely lacking. It’s time […]

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I Saw a Woman Murdered On My Way Home from Work Today

June 7, 2012


It’s not often one comes across riot police on one’s way home from work. The uncommon and unexpected, however, is much more common when living in China.   As I turned the final corner of my walk home this evening, a mass of over fifty, less than a hundred people appeared. This being the south […]

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